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About Me

I am a games industry veteran of 17 years, and an avid gamer since the late ’70s. You could say that electronic gaming and I have grown up together.

My industry career began in gaming media when I was 20 years of age, starting as the deputy editor of Hyper magazine in Australia. I went on to become the editor of the magazine less than a year later, and have served as editor and staff writer several other gaming mags as well.

After a decade of games journalism, I was headhunted by Creative Assembly to serve as a designer on the Total War series, and really didn’t look back since. After seven years and four projects (one an expansion), I was made redundant along with half of the studio in Brisbane – A pretty common story in the AAA games industry.

I have returned to my hometown Sydney, where I currently run the AIE Incubator program, turning technically skilled folks into independent game development teams. I am also forming my own indie game plans, and between the two of these pursuits, I have decided to take to blogging – To share my thoughts and experiences in game design and development.

No doubt I will also offer some brutally honest thoughts and rants about what I see happening in gaming. To those defensive of gaming culture as it is, or people who can’t stand seeing their favourite game being critiqued, please brace thyself. I’d rather be honest and make folks think than simply make friends with some sort of populist approach. I am becoming increasingly bored with the AAA published games, and am way more interested in the possibilities that the growing indie scene has to offer.

I’m a high-level thinker, and will predominantly be sharing my views and advice on approaching game design top-down. I’m less interested in making the sorts of games that have been done, and am keen to collaborate with creative types who can help take gaming forward somewhere new.

Here’s hoping you enjoy your stay here!



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