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Figuring out my M.O.

October 15, 2012

With a truckload of things to say and share, straight away I found myself belting out over four thousand words in the last couple of days. While that sort of prolific pumping out of stuff seems ideal for maintaining a blog, it instantly made me realise that I may need to preface how I operate and think for others to both understand where I’m coming from, and also what it is they can hope to get out of visiting my site.

What I bring to the table is broad and alternative perspective. I’ve been a DJ’d, a dancer, a musician, a fan of other musicians, a competitive athlete, a competitive gamer, a social party animal, a recluse, a cold calculating creature, a warm compassionate supporter, a speaker, a listener, a leader, and a follower.

The thing that I have taken away and used as my most valuable tool from all of this is the act of stepping back, and seeing how everything impacts on each other. It has made me a big picture thinker, when once upon a time I was very more focused on simply trying to follow a logical ‘scientific’ explanation for everything starting from the bottom up.

What I have realised is that my life and what I have taken from it now means I’m probably going to share thoughts about how to think very top-down. Possibly more top-down than most will expect in a game design blog.

Yes, I will share insights and experiences I’ve had with creating game systems, content, and the act of going through a project and bringing it to the world. But as I look at what’s out there, I feel that a lot of the nitty-gritty process of game mechanics and systems is being handled very well by others already – Quite arguably better than I can.

Ultimately, the best way to reach the ideal conclusion is to be able to combine the act of top-down and bottom-up work. This brings together both some focus for a vision, and also the chance to discover organically how to get there, enhancing the original vision rather than fighting with it or forgetting it.

My ardent wish it to offer perspectives that help others think in ways they haven’t had to, or consider the benefits of stepping back, and how to consider things.

My first guide will arrive shortly. I hope you enjoy it.

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